Profitt Report: How to take a good photos when listing your home for sale

If you're planning to list your house online, good photos are often the buyer's first glimpse into the property. Photo credit: Mark Moz / CC BY 2.0

When you’re trying to sell your home, everyone always talks about curb appeal. However, these days, curb appeal doesn’t start at your front door. It starts online.

“We're very much ready to settle down,” said Aaron Burch, who is searching for a home in Genesee County with his fiancé.

Their shopping process includes looking through online listing photos.

“Some of the listings haven't been wholly accurate,” he said, “some of the amenities have been put in listings but are not present at the properties we see.”

Honest, clear pictures are a big part of your online presence as a seller said Tom Darger, associate broker with Ayre/Rhinehart Realtors in Midland.

“Number on, don’t even use a bad photo. Don't use a photo that'll make somebody say, ‘hey, I don’t want to go look at the house,’ because you have immediately eliminated that potential buyer,” Darger said.

So – what is a bad photo anyway?

“Too dark or there's something in that photo there might be out of date,” he said.

Darger suggests sellers avoid clutter by taking majority of your clothing out of the closet and removing pets or personal items from the room before snapping the picture.

Next, turn on as many as possible, he said.

“One of the tips is always try to get the lights behind you, if you’re outside taking photos, always try to have the sun behind you,” Darger said.

Last, he said everyone has a different opinion on this one, but Darger believes you don’t need a picture of every single room in your house. If you simply can’t take a good picture of a room for size or lighting reasons, it might be worth it to leave it out of the online listing.

Darger suggests sellers always include a picture of the front of the house, the kitchen and the master bedroom.

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