Profitt Report: How to prepare your insurance for a house fire

Preparing your homeowner's insurance correctly will make a big difference in recouping your losses after a fire, explained Blackmore-Rowe Insurance in Flint Township. Photo credit: Adam Weidmann / Cal Fire

No matter the circumstance, a house fire is traumatic for the homeowners. When the smoke settles, it can be a battle with the insurance company to recover your losses.

“That is certainly probably the biggest step and probably the most frustrating for most consumers,” said Jamie Youngston, president of Blackmore-Rowe Insurance in Flint Township.

Though it might be time-consuming, he suggests homeowners document everything in your home, especially pricier items.

“Sometimes they're very surprised to find out they don't have anything near what they needed, again, a lot of times it falls into the category of the guns the jewelry and things like that,” Youngston said.

He also suggests documenting upgrades you’ve made to your home, such as granite countertops, new windows or a roof. This adds to your home’s value and will help you re-coop the costs in a fire.

Most home insurance also covers detached structures, such as a garage, tool shed or gazebo. It’s important to document any tools or expensive items you might have stored in there.

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