Profitt Report: How to legally change your name after the wedding

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As we round out the traditional wedding season, you might be faced with a daunting task after saying “I do:” changing your last name!

It can be a cumbersome process, but if you create a list of all the places you need to change your name and stick to it, you might have an easier time.

“Sometimes, if someone says it out loud, I’m like ‘what?’” said Courtney Weirauch, formerly Courtney DeFord.

She’s still getting accustomed to her new name but didn’t have much trouble changing it legally.

First, she gathered her birth certificate, driver’s license and passport, but she was missing one crucial document.

“You have to have an official marriage license, which we didn’t get,” Weirauch said, which wasn’t a big deal. She ran to the court and paid about $15 for a certified copy of her marriage license. Then, she headed to the Social Security office for a new social security card.

Next up: the Secretary of State for her new driver’s license. Weirauch didn’t have a problem, but sometimes, you need to wait a day or two after the Social Security office before heading to the Secretary of State.

They’ll likely take a new picture for your driver’s license and there’s a $9 fee for a name correction. You can also choose to renew your license early, an $18 fee.

Next: your passport, where things can get interesting.

“If you're leaving for your honeymoon right after the wedding, you’re going to travel in your maiden name,” said Anne Chertoff, spokesperson for the website, Wedding Wire.

Next, you’ll want to contact your banks, activate credit and debit cards in your new name and inform anyone connected to those cards, such as household bills, gyms, subscriptions, etc.

“You want to let your employer know you're changing your name so the IT department can update your email address,” along with your payroll information, Chertoff said.

Don’t forget your insurance company and medical offices.

Last, as Weirauch is learning, signing your new name takes some getting used to!

“I’m still great at it! It doesn’t look great,” she said.

There are services that will do all this name changing for you and they run anywhere from $30-80. For more information on changing your name from Wedding Wire, please click here.

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