Owosso couple spending 13th anniversary driving donations to hurricane Harvey victims

Chad and Stephanie Gruesbeck will be spending their thirteenth wedding anniversary delivering donations to Hurricane Harvey survivors. (Photo: Drew Moore/WSMH)

Chad and Stephanie Gruesbeck watched in horror as Hurricane Harvey left tens of thousands of people without the necessities to live.

Now the couple is taking donations at their office on M-21 in Owosso and will spend their thirteenth wedding anniversary driving them down.

Chad Gruesbeck owns CJS Transport and says he can fit approximately 48,000 pounds of supplies in his trailer.

“It’s all we can think about is the horror those people are going through down there.

We wanted to get the community together and show how individuals in this country can step in and help. We don’t need to wait for the government.

That’s what I want people to see down there that this there are still people in the country that care about each other,” Gruesbeck says.

They are accepting donations of non-perishable food, diapers, toys, clothes, toiletries, work clothes, gloves, among other things at their office.

The address is 2150 E. Main Street (M-21) in Owosso.

Someone will be able to accept the donation on Friday and Saturday from noon until 3 p.m., and from 5 p.m. until 8 p.m.

The couple is also accepting a monetary donation to help purchase more supplies for the survivors of the storm.

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