Midland heroin summit aims to help heroin, opiate addicts


Helping people in Mid-Michigan who struggle with heroin and opiate addiction.

A summit in Midland addressed the problem and offered possible solutions.

In Michigan the increase in heroin use is closely linked to the growing prescription drug epidemic. It was standing room only Thursday night at Midland's Grace Dow Memorial Library. Families struggling with heroin and opiate addiction packed in for the informational summit that offered some hope.

Time was devoted to open discussion where families could learn from one another and from area treatment professionals.

It's an opportunity Kurt Faust with the group "Step Up" says is necessary to break the stigma of addiction.

"I'm not a bad person. I have morals. I have values. This drug took over my life and made me do bad things. I'm not labeled by this disease. I am somebody else and now I know there are people out there and willing to listen to me and help me through this," said Faust.

Faust says Midland as a community has one of the highest use rates in the state for heroin and opiate.

This was the second free even open to the community.

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