Mid-Michigan farmers lending a hand to others in need

Dangerous wildfires have destroyed thousands of acres of farmland in the central part of the united states since April of last year.

This, leaving farmers who make sure Americans have food on the table, with nothing.

But help is on the way; FOX66’s Drew Moore shows us how the farming community in mid-Michigan is rolling up the sleeves and hitting the road to help.

Joe Grombir and more than a dozen other farmers and truckers from mid-Michigan and the Thumb are hitting the road.

They’re bringing their brothers and sisters not connected by blood, but by the land, who lost everything in dangerous wildfires which spread through parts of Texas, Kansas and Oklahoma over the past year.

Joe is one truck in a convoy bringing much-needed hay, feed, and supplies to the farmers half way across the country.

The 15-hour drive will take them through the heartland to meet one of the hundreds of farmers that supply the country with food now left with little of their own.

If you'd like to help, you can view the GoFundMe page for 'Trucking for Texas' here.

You can also view the Michigan Convoy Facebook Page here.