Michigan Red Cross prepares for Hurricane Harvey

Photo Credit: Sarah Jaeger

FLINT, Mich. -- As Hurricane Harvey prepares to make landfall in Texas, the American Red Cross is starting to mobilize including here in Michigan. The American Red Cross’s East Central Bay chapter, which is the section that covers most of Mid-Michigan, has been placed on stand by mode. While they have yet to receive word to deploy to the disaster area, they are ready to go at a moments notice.

Once going in standby mode, staff from the Red Cross go over a check list, making sure the emergency response vehicle is mechanically ready. They also will make sure the trucks are stocked with needed supplies.

Once the crews receive word they are needed in Texas, the teams will be able to be on the road with the trucks in less than an hour.

After arriving into the disaster area, the vehicles can be used to help serve food or pass out blankets and other essential items to those affect by the hurricane. Since every disaster is different, crews preparing to leave have to be ready for anything.

The trucks have been utilized a lot over the summer here in mid-Michigan.

They helped residents after the devastating fire at Green Hill Apartments in Midland and immediately after June’s historic flooding.

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