Lawmaker says Flint residents more terrified of the state government than ISIS

State Representative Sheldon Neeley believes that Governor Rick Snyder's decision to allow two Health and Human Services employees charged with felonies over the Flint Water Crisis is hurting Flint residents trust in government. (Photo Credit: Ben Lalonde)

Shortly after Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette announced new charges in the Flint Water Crisis against Health and Human Services Director Nick Lyon, and Chief Legal Executive Dr. Eden Wells, Governor Rick Snyder took to the airwaves to show his support for the pair.

Snyder is allowing Lyon and Wells to stay on the job until the charges make their way through the court system.

Snyder says in a video released by his office that Wells and Lyon are committed to the recovery of Flint, and are presumed innocent until otherwise proven differently in court.

Lyon is facing involuntary manslaughter charges, and Wells is facing obstruction of justice charges, for their handling of the Legionnaire’s outbreak which spread through the city in 2014 and 2015.

State Senator Jim Ananich, (D) Flint, says he doesn’t believe they can effectively do the job, and should be fired.

“These are very serious charges and it calls into question whether or not they are able to manage the agency, and protect millions of people in the state whose safety depends on them. I felt that the governor’s statement defending these employees, but saying nothing about the damage they did to Flint resident tone deaf to say the least and disgusting to be honest about it,” Ananich says.

State Representative Sheldon Neeley echoing Ananich’s thoughts when he heard Lyon and Wells would still be employed while the cases work their way through the court system.

“At the very least they should submit their resignation, or step aside. They were at the forefront of the Legionnaire’s outbreak and a major reason why people in Flint don’t trust the government now. If you ask residents of the city of Flint if they are more terrified of their state government and the hierarchy, or ISIS, I’m going to say they’re more afraid of Snyder and his regime,” Neeley says.

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