Hot temperatures bring out hot rods

Almost 200 cars parked on Alley Street for The Holly Car Show. (Photo credit: WEYI/WSMH)

Even with the warm weather, The Holly Car Show had quite the turn out.

People sat in the shade, got ice cream and did what they could to stay cool, so they could watch the classic cars roll by.

"Oh, it's awesome," Joseph Young, a classic car enthusiast, said. "You get to come out and see people that you don't see all winter long."

With temperatures soaring into the 80s, it was already feeling like summer.

"It's beautiful, you couldn't ask for, like I said, you couldn't ask for a better day for a car show," Zhane Reed of Flint said.

Organizers said, even with these warm temperatures, people just couldn't stay away from these cool cars.

Those who have been coming to shows for years and first-timers all came together for one reason.

"You get to talk to all your friends again," Young said. "It's like going back to school."

Mother Nature wasn't going to stop people from showing off their cars and seeing old friends.

This is just the beginning of the car show season and it's only going to get hotter. There will be some popping up over the summer, including "Back to the Bricks" in mid-August.

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