Health benefits of exotic eating

It's called exotic eating, and it may hold the secret to fighting off the flu.

Usually when Angelica Johnson goes grocery shopping with her son Aven who is six, she admits it's a bit of a challenge because he’s a picky eater.

So imagine her surprise when he recently tried sumo oranges.

It's not the only exotic fruit, however coming soon to a grocery store near you.

You can now get pomelos, blood oranges or even an apple that tastes like a grape.

This time of year produce is especially important for boosting your immune system, and a few of these exotic choices have additional nutritional value, as well.

You see much of the body benefits from these comes from what’s called phytochemicals in these fruits.

The good part in all this, it's not just Aven who loves these foods, it's just about everyone who tries them.

So from one mom, to moms everywhere frustrated with a picky eater, keep tasting!

Some exotic fruits are also seasonal, and can be a little more expensive than the stuff you usually reach for, but if you shop now, many of the citrus fruits are in season, and on sale.

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