State threatens legal action if Flint does not pick a permanent water source

Mayor Karen Weaver says, "Flint City Council is misleading the public.... we have not provided them with enough information to make a decision on whether to support the recommendation." (WEYI/WSMH)

FLINT, Mich. -The pressure is on Flint City Hall to decide on a permanent drinking water source for the city.

The current plan on the table would mean signing a 30-year deal with Great Lakes Water Authority. Mayor Karen Weaver and state leaders say it is the best option for health safety and the best option financially for the city.

"Council continues to mislead the public by saying we have not provided them with enough information to make a decision," said Mayor Karen Weaver. "That is simply not true."

Flint City Council President Kerry Nelson says he would prefer to wait until November and put this on the ballot for a vote.

"The people of this city haven't said it's right yet," said Nelson.

Nelson says council will vote Monday night but right now there is not enough support to pass the plan.

If this proposal does not pass and no viable alternative is presented the state could take legal action next week.

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