Flint police could see raises, including back pay, by end of the year

Flint City Council amends the budget to provide raises for officers in the police department. (Photo Credit: Drew Moore/WSMH)

Flint City Council approved a budget amendment for $115,000 which will be used to provide a pay increase to the officers on the police force.

The raise will be 3-percent for 2017, and another 3-percent for 2018. However, once payroll is updated, officers will receive back pay to July 1, 2017.

City of Flint Financial Manager Hughey Newsome says the administration was glad to get this contract completed.

“There are still a number of other union contracts we have to tackle, but we are glad to get this money to the police department and pay our officers a little bit more,” Newsome says.

Newsome expects the raise, including back pay, to be in the officer’s paychecks towards the end of December, or beginning of January.

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