Flint mayoral candidates weigh in on water concerns


The race for Flint mayor is heating up and residents say concerns about the city's water is an important issue.

Doctors spoke out about lead in Flint's water on Thursday. They say the amount of lead in the blood of children that they are monitoring has doubled since the city started using Flint water.

The city is saying corrosion in old pipes is causing lead to get in the water.

Mayoral candidate Doctor Karen Weaver says the city needs to switch back to Detroit water immediately and also work on long-term solutions.

She says Mayor Walling is not the right person to solve the problem.

"Yes, I want him out. I want to be in because I feel like I'm a better leader. I can lead this city in the direction that it needs to go and I would have the right people around me to help with that," said Doctor Karen Weaver.

Mayor Walling says he is fighting for clean water. The mayor says we need to look at Detroit but he would like to see the state step in to help residents with the cost.

"The emergency manager made the decision for the city to go to the Flint River. I raised a lot of concerns about that when we had those internal discussions with the budget that process got put in motion. I'm prepared now. I'm taking full responsibility for getting the solutions in place," said Mayor Dayne Walling.

City officials hope to change the way water is treated over the next 30 to 60 days.