Emergency management coordinator offers tips on how to prepare for a nuclear war

NBC25/FOX66's Joel Feick spoke with Shiawassee County's emergency management coordinator about how to prepare for nuclear war. (WEYI)

CORUNNA, Mich. -With tensions rising in North Korea and here at home, some are wondering what would happen if a nuclear war happened here?

How would you react; where would you go?

Residents NBC25/FOX66’s Joel Feick talked in Shiawassee County said it’s hard to comprehend a nuclear war happening here.

Every county, including Shiawassee, has an emergency management coordinator.

Their advice is the same, be prepared.

Trent Adkins is Shiawassee County's emergency management coordinator.

He says there's no dire threat that would cause nuclear war in Corunna, but he has a plan just in case.

Adkins suggests purchasing a weather radio to alert you about any emergency right away, having 72 hours’ worth of non-perishable food on hand and learning CPR, since emergency crews could be extra busy at that time.

It's hard for people to wrap their arms around the concept of a nuclear war happening here, but one woman had simple advice.

“I’d pray. I think that's all we could do,” said Jennifer Dankert.

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