Constructive or divisive? Social media and politics

Michigan native and well-known rap artist Eminem took to Twitter slamming the commander in chief. (MGN)

Michigan native and well-known rap artist Eminem took to Twitter slamming the commander in chief.

Social media is continuing to play a bigger and bigger role in politics.

From celebrities, to the president himself, more and more people are being very vocal through the internet.

NBC25/FOX66’s Stephanie Parkinson talked with experts in politics and law to see what this means for the political climate, and for regular people who just want to express their opinion.

A freestyle rap video of Michigan-native Eminem slamming President Donald Trump went viral within seconds

Experts say it's just another example of social media and politics merging on a level we've never seen before.

"I think it says we're in an extremely divisive climate, fed in many ways by social media,” says political analyst Paul Rozycki.

Rozycki says even though social media opens us up to the world, it can also alienate us.

“With social media you can just watch the things you like, and ignore the things you don't like."

Rozycki say that social media also allows us to isolate ourselves.

"We feel like we're anonymous when we respond to somebody else. We see so often the comments on posts on Facebook are so nasty, they're things you would never say in person."

So this is what a celebrity can do but what about the Average Joe?

UM-Flint constitutional law professor Kim Saks McManaway says if you have a boss, you might want to proceed with caution.

"There are different boundaries so at a workplace typically your employer can curtail your speech."

We about privacy settings, but McManaway says those don't protect you the way you might think.

"Privacy is a big issue but the problem is once you start putting things out there online you're kind of putting them out for public consumption.”

President Trump has not yet responded to the Eminem video.

That video has been retweeted on BET’s Twitter account more than 200,000 times since Tuesday night.

See the full video here.

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