Community members briefed on progress of Tittawabassee River clean-up

Community members briefed on the progress of the Dioxin clean-up from the Tittabawassee River in Midland and Saginaw Counties. (Photo Credit: Drew Moore/WSMH)

Members with the Saginaw-Tittabawassee River Contamination Community Advisory Group met in Freeland to discuss the massive clean-up project of the river on Monday. The project is funding by Dow and will spend millions of dollars removing Dioxins from the river between production facilities in Midland, to the point where the Tittabawassee and Shiawassee Rivers meet. United States Environmental Protection Agency Supervisor Diane Russel oversees the progress of the project. She says, so far, the clean-up is on schedule.

“We’ve been doing work on the river since 2007 and we’re completely committed to see it through until the completion. We are hopeful it will be finished in 2020,” Russel says.

Dow Chemical is paying for the operation. Crews began removing soil and fixing banks along the river in 2007. Soil is also being removed from parts of the river bed, and along parts of the shoreline where contaminated dirt may have accumulated through the years.

Find out more about the project, and where work is taking place, by clicking here.

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