Buena Vista Township supervisor uncovers $389K grant from 2010 that went unused

Buena Vista Township supervisor uncovers $389K grant from 2010 that went unused (Photo Credit: Jesse Gonzales/WEYI)

Lifelong resident Richard Brooks has seen Buena Vista Township through ups and down and was thrilled to learn a township official discovered $389,600 in grant money to be used for economic development.

"Everybody was like wow, really, you know where was this money hiding? Just think how they feel that we have a chance and a good head-start financially to do some of the things that they've probably discussed at meetings," said Brooks.

The grant approved in 2010 was originally earmarked for the green space left empty when Fort Saginaw Mall was demolished, but was never used.

Thanks to township supervisor Christina Dillard, who's only been on the job for four months, Buena Vista Township can now get a jump on another project.

"I'm hoping that we'll be able to come up with collectively between our business partners, our committee, our commissioners and come up with a great opportunity for our township to develop in our downtown area," said Dillard.

She’s still waiting to see exactly what projects the HUD grant can be used for.

This hotel is one several buildings people would like to see torn down.

Renee Morris says, "That's the front door and I would love to see something beautiful there, something thriving."

But time is of the essence.

The money has to be used before September 15, 2017 and Brooks is confident township officials will get the job done.

"Now a board and the community collectively can do something positive I believe for the future of this community," said Brooks.

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