Residents told to boil water in Burton, Davison Township

An early morning computer glitch prompts a boil water advisory for Davison Township and Burton. (Photo: WEYI/WSMH)

BURTON, Mich. -- An early morning computer glitch prompts a boil water advisory for Davison Township and Burton.

The malfunction happened at the Genesee Water Treatment Plant in Oregon Township but was caught quickly, limiting the areas impacted.

The advisory was issued at 4:30 a.m. Friday morning.

Even with the notice, many residents did not find out until after they completed their mourning routines.

"This morning after I got up, brushed my teeth, went to the bathroom, washed my face, all that," says Judy Quaderer. "So I used the water."

The advisory is being done as a precautionary measure and in compliance with state guidelines.

"We did have a temporary loss in water pressure and state law regulates anytime you have a temporary loss you have to issue a boil water notice," says Genesee County Deputy Drain Commissioner Kevin Sylvester.

For people in those communities, that means no drinking, cooking, washing, dishes, or using it to brush your teeth unless you boil it first.

Make sure the water boils for at least one minute and then let it cool before using.

"It’s kind of hard," says Quaderer. "It’s like inconvenient."

In order for the ban to be lifted, samples have to be collected over the next 48 hours to determine that the water quality meets the state drinking water standards.

"It’s a precautionary measure that’s important to take," says Sylvester. "We are hoping the two 24 hour rounds come back and come back with normal levels for safe drinking water standards and that we would be able to issue a notice that we are lifting the boil water at that time."

Hopefully for residents that notice will come before the New Year.

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