Bangor Township residents to decide on fire department funding at polls

Future funding for the Bangor Township Fire Department will be decided by voters during the August 2018 election. (Photo Credit: Drew Moore/WSMH)

Bangor Township officials are trying to fund the fire department in a unique way.

The township proposed establishing a Fire Department Special Assessment District which would raise money to be used specifically for the department.

The plan would have raised property taxes by approximately $60 a year, and raised $700,000 to upgrade facilities.

After dozens of residents voiced their displeasure over the plan, the township has now scrapped the idea.

Township Supervisor Glenn Rowley says the issue will still need to be addressed.

“The current millage expires next year and will need to be renewed. So voters will have another chance to approve a different plan the more traditional way during the August 2018 election,” Rowley says.

Bangor Township Fire Chief Rob Glenn says his department is in desperate need of upgrades after decades of neglect.

“This is not about having the prettiest fire station on the block, or the newest lights on the truck. This is about safety equipment and having fire trucks that don’t break down every month. I want to see these men and women here perform their duties with safe equipment,” Glenn says.

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