Elected officials mum on $5 billion development in Shiawassee County

Documents given to residents at a Vernon Township meeting indicate 800 acres are needed for a $5 billion development. (Photo Credit: Joel Feick)

It's quiet out here except for the occasional tractor.

On farmland where soybeans are now growing, a proposed mega-industrial site code-named "Project TIM."

Ronda Middleton, who lives nearby says "It's going to impact our country communities immensely."

Elected officials won't say what it is.

Documents given to residents at a Vernon Township meeting indicate 800 acres are needed.

The plant would be over 6,200 feet long, here at Lansing and New Lothrup roads.

Robert Blount lives right across the street.

He says "Far as I'm concerned it won't have that many jobs in the long run. And I don't think the property in Durand is gonna increase. If anything it's gonna decrease."

The township supervisor Bert DeClerg says "no comment" when asked what it is.

But he will say they're now in the land acquisition phase.

One of those was offered "a nice price and then some" for his 60 acres, likes what it would do for the Durand area.

Lynn Rowell says "Well it would provide jobs for the people. Whereas now there isn't that much work available for the local people, I think that's a positive."

So what would it be?

Again, no official word.

But a Facebook page opposed to the project is called "Durand-Vernon Township and a steel mill?"

Residents we talked with are also pointing to a steel mill.

Ronda says "I'm against anything that large. And I'm against anything where they're not coming to us. We have no information."

If it happens a deal could be signed quickly.

The Vernon Township supervisor says in 30 to 90 days a deal could be signed.

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