Is your pet protected from deadly viruses?

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The canine rabies vaccine is the only one that the state of Michigan requires, in order to get a license for your pet. The rest are up to you.

Before any pet can go to a new fur-ever home from the Humane Society of Genesee County, they get several vaccines.

"It is very important that puppies get vaccinated against parvo virus, becasue parvo is very very contagious from dog to dog if they're not vaccinated," says Kayla, who is administering shots to a four month old Pitbull mix.

The parvo vaccine is included in the canine distemper shot. Both canine and feline distemper shots usually combine multiple vaccines. They often cover illnesses that spread not just from animal to animal, but can spread from animal to human.

Rabies is one. Leptosporosis is another example. So, Kayla, who is about to get her vet tech license, says, vaccinating pets protects everyone, "In my opinion, i would always vaccinate my animals for my protection, their protection, other animals protection."

There is a canine flu vaccine, which usually covers influenza A- the most common among dogs. The bordatella vaccine, prevents kennel cough- along with other vaccine. While the law doesn't require them, animal daycares, boarding kennels, even dog parks usually do in order for your pet to visit.

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"It's good for the pets that are here and it's good for the pet that's coming in," says Janelle, or Four Paws Pet Resport in Grand Blanc, "It's like a child going into daycare. You want them to be up to date on their vaccines."

The booster frequency on pet vaccines vary. Your vet will usually keep you up to date, to make sure your pet stays current.

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