A little school for a happy puppy

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The sign on the door may say"dog training", but the ones with the most to learn in puppy school, are usually the humans.

This is session number five at Einstein Dog Training in Fenton for Tim Green and his pal, Casper. They are learning how to communicate with each other.

"I'd say, more tranining on my end, of how to train the dog at home, " Tim says.

Casper is only four months old, but Tim says, he is important to the whole family, "We want him to be part of the family, and to help protect our children. So, not only be a family member for them, but protect them when needed."

Still a puppy, Casper getting training at the perfect time. Dog trainer Rachael Croley says it's much easier to establish good behaviors in a puppy, than to change them in an adult dog.

"The most common thing we see for behavior modification in adult dogs is becasue people didn't do the right stuff as a young dog. They didn't do puppy class. They didn't get their puppy out to socialize. They didn't teach the basics."

And, in some cases, evem pet parents who know and try to teach the basics can still struggle, Tim admits, "I knew them, i just didn't know how to teach them."

Rachael says, "We help dogs and owners interact wtih each other and have a clear line of communication."

The earlier you establish the right communication with your pet, Rachael says, the happier you both will be, "Takes a lot of stress off of the dog when the dog understands what the owner expects. "

And that early training can also make it much easier for wayward humans to navigate all things puppy, Rachael adds, "A lot of times, owners just don't know how to deal with those nusiance puppy behaviors, so it's helping with things like nusiance barking, potty training, leash walking."

Dogs are always up for new tricks, so as you both learn, your bond will be that much stronger.

If you want more information about dog training with Rachael. call 248-833-3776. Einstein Dog Training in Fenton is located at 3115 W Thompson Rd . You can also learn more abou training with a visit to Einstein's corporate website.

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