Midland Police Department ramping up patrols at crash-prone intersections

There were a total of 1,367 crashes in the city of Midland in 2016, and 196 had injuries involved with them, according to a news release.

In addition, a majority of the crashes took place at intersections and resulted in drivers being rear ended.

The Midland Police Department is launching a new campaign to reduce the amount of intersection-related crashes.

They’ll now be focusing closely on moving violations that occur at or near intersections.

The intersections that have the highest crash rates are as followed:

  • Eastman Ave and West Wackerly Road: 42 crashes
  • Eastman Avenue and North Saginaw Road: 26 crashes
  • Buttles Street and Jerome Street: 25 crashes
  • East Patrick Road and South Saginaw Road: 21 crashes
  • Eastman Avenue and Airport Road: 21 crashes
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