Want to get better at your sport? Do something else

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Whether you are running or walking, if you're training for the Crim, you have to do something else. They call it, cross training."

Cross training is, simply put, doing a different type of exercise. that works different muscles than the ones you train, while running or walking- or doing any sport.

(dustymeyers/genesys athletic club) [Notes::19 TO :26]

"Swimming and riding bikes would be a great training, but so would strength training," says Genesys Athltic Club trainer Dusty Meyers, "You know, working the muscles in a different way, either using machines, or bands, or freeweights."

Meyers says the number one reason to cross train is injury prevention, "Cross training just helps work your muscles differently. So you're not over-using them, repetitively the same thing all the time."

Cross training can also help prevent boredom, Meyers says, "It can make your workout more interesting. If you do the same thing every day, you get bored. Your body kinda gets used to that workout, so it may not be as effective."

Alternate exercises are something you should do, no matter what your primary sport may be- even tennis or golf. The complete fitness may even help your performance in your original sport.

No matter what type of exercise you do, make sure you stretch after. Give yourself at least five to ten minutes.

Stretch before, too. Just do moving stretches, like walking lunges, instead of holding stretches.

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