Tech time putting kids at risk for injury

Auzzi thinks the time he spends, each week, at Covenants occupational therapy program is making a difference, "I think my handwriting has gotten a little bit better."

Auzzi was born about nine weeks early. It is not unusual for preemies to face a developmental delays- like difficulty writing- as they reach school age.

The 8-year-old's mother kept a close eye out, and quickly noticed, "His handwriting was atrocious. He was like, 'I don't want to write.'"

Auzzi is also part of a whole generation of kids who spend much of their down time, and even some of their learning time with tablets, phones and gaming systems.

Occupational therapists are increasingly worried about a painful future for all children- an epidemic of device-related overuse injuries.

"Being on our phones- texting- is a big thing, " says Auzzi's therapist, Katie Roettele, MSOTRS.

" That constant moving of our thumbs puts us at risk for several orthpedic conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome- things that we might see farther down the road.

Pediatricians will have information about milestones your child should reach by a specific age.

There are also charts available online:

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