Running shoes worth the investment


Of all of the running gear you can buy, there is one thing you probably should not skimp on. Good shoes are worth it in the long run. (Ha! See what i did there?)

So many cool running shoes. and the first thing that grabs the eye is often the color.

"It looks so right, but it is so wrong," says Brad Brown of Complete Runner in Flint.

Brad says there is a right way to shop for running shoes, "Have a conversation about a lot of the information I want to gather from you."

The first thing you should do is talk to someone who knows running shoes, about how often and how much you run and/or walk. You should mention any foot issues you may have.

"The whole basis of coming into a shop like this and getting fit correctly, is to get a shoe that is going to help you run or walk and be injury free," Brad says.

The right fit starts with your arches. Are your feet flat?

Then, a trained salesperson will want to watch you walk, and possibly even run, to get an idea about your gait (how you move).

These two pieces of informatio, Brad says, will help reveal what type of running shoe you will need.

If you are an over-pronato, your arches turn inward, toward the ground. You will need a shoe with a lot of extra support, to help keep your ankle and foot from turning in.

Under pronators have the opposite problem. So, you don't want to grab the wrong shoe if you will be doing a lot of running or walking.

"The farther than you go, the more time you spend in that activity, it's really going to highlight issues that will manifest into bigger issues," Brad cautions.

The most common issues are shin splints, achilles tendonitis, plantar fascitis, Brad says, "People have dealt with these things and either they didn't understand why they were getting them, or they figured they could train through it. And a lot of those issues could be solved by having a correct shoe."

Also, don't be too attached to your regular shoe size. It's pretty common to go up a half or even full size in running shoes.

"Running and walking should be fun," Brad Says, "The last thing that you need to worry about is injuries and being uncomfortable."

While a good pair of running shoes can set you back by 100 to 150 dollars, starting in the right pair will probably end up saving you money and heartache in the end.

Once you find the right pair of shoes, get the right socks. Remember, cotton is rotton, it will give you blisters. Look for a moisture wicking fabric that fits well.

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