Running: It's all about the socks


Other than your own two feet, what is the most important thing you put into your running shoes? Socks! And if you think "socks are socks", well, we got a little lesson from the folks at Complete Runner in Flint."

It's easy to underestimate the importance of running gear, and make some painful mistakes, says Brad Brown, of Complete Runner, "One of the biggest ones, is socks."

Yes, socks! Brad says you have to choose very wisely, "One of the biggest injuries in running is blisters, and a lot of that stems from the socks that you put on your feet."

So, you can invest in the best running shoes and still wind up with pretty painful blisters, "What's the first thing that you do? Between that shoe and your skin, you put a rotton sock- a cotton sock.

In the running world, unfortunately, Brad notes, cotton is rotten, "What we like is you know, like a poly blend or a merino wool, to put in between there. That's going to wick away moisture, keep the skin nice and dry. and that eliminates blisters, hot spots and odor."

There is another disadvantage to cotton socks, that can really make for an uncomfortable run, Brad adds, "When cotton gets wet, it starts to bunch up a little bit and that's when it starts creeping down the back of your heel."

Another way to help avoid your socks coming off inside your shoe is to look for the ones with a little lip right at the heel, to help hold them up while you run.

Just remember, a good sock still needs the right shoe for complete comfort. Make sure you get fitted for the right size and type of shoe for your foot. Running specialty stores typically have staff trained to help you make the right choice.

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