Power foods fight cancer

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Fight cancer from your grocery cart, with so-called "powerful foods".

They may not look very tough, but the most powerful, cancer-prevention foods in the grocery store are fruits and vegetables.

Their power comes from their high vitamin and mineral content, and their natureally occuring anti-oxidants.

Covenant Health Care dietician, Ann Hoffman, is so passionate about this grocery list, she's teaching a class about it.

"We now believe there are a lot of components, especially in plant-based foods, that may have a- at the cellular level- may have a cancer prevention, hopefully a heart disease, diabetes prevention component, " Ann says, "But, certainly there is link with cancer prevention in many plant-based foods."

High on the power list, are carrots, Ann says, "You can have a cup of carrots, probably for about a hundred calories, a lot of fiber, vitamin A., no fat, obviously, so it's a great source of nutrition."

Carrots, along with other sweet-tasting produce. like pineapple and bananna, are on the no-no lists of a lot of trendy diets.

But hoffman says you have to put that in proper perspective, "That's really extended from the glycemic index, because carrots happen to have a high glycemic index, which really in the US we do not use very much, but in some countries it 's used for diabetes management. "

The list of cancer prevention power-foods also includes whole grains and flaxseeds.

When in doubt, Ann says, you can never go wrong in that one trusty section of the grocery store, "If you think of the prodcue section at the grocery store, really all of those foods are powerful foods. Fresh fruits and vegetables. And there are others, but the short answer is the produce section. Fresh produce, or it can be canned or frozen, are going to be a great source of anitoxidants that will have a disease fighting effect. "

Ann Hoffman's "Powerful Foods" class is part of Covenant's Spring Healthy Eating series. In each class, Ann will also tell you how to cook with and incorporate powerful foods into your diet.

The class is Monday, May 8th, 2017, from 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM, at the Covenant Cancer Care Center, 5400 Mackinaw, Saginaw, MI 48604. You'll find it in the third Floor Conference Room.

To sign up for this or any of the other classes in the series, follow this link.

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