If you are attempting the Crim, we've got one word for you


Whether you are gearing up for Crim Training, which starts in May, or you have simply been inspired to get out and exercise in this wonderful weather, one word must stay in your vocabulary: Hydration.

"When you are working out, your metabolism increases, your sweat loss is increased, so you deifinitely have to be replacing fluids, ongoing through any activity," says registered dietitician/nutrtionist, Maggie Rettelle, of St. Mary's in Saginaw.

The crim is in late August. Rinners train all summer long- already the warmest months- at the close to the warmest time of day, the early evening.

"In an ambient 72-degree type of weather, you're not going to have as much heat loss as if you're in the 90s. You're definitely going to have to replace more fluids, along with electrolytes, as the temperatures rise."

And, Maggie says, you should be "replacing" fluids, throughout a long workout. It is definitely not something you should putoff until you're finished.

"You don't want to be going for 45 minutes and not have any kind of fluid replacement. What happens then is you often overcompensate, try to overcompensate, and you wind up with that sloshy stomach, which is now not absorbing properly- and it's often too late."

You will see a lot of people wearing water belts, especially in training groups. This is a good way, to keep your hydration balanced during training runs, Maggie says, "Sips throughout your activity, is really beneficial, instead of trying to overhydrate at the end of your activitiy."

Proper hydration is an all-day job. On a normal day, we need an average of 64 ounces of water. You need even more if you exercise, especially if you are doing lengthy workouts.

"If you're going to be active," Maggie adds, "You want to be doing 8 to 10 glasses, along with replacing fluids that you lose. Depending on your body weight too, and the heat. So, there's a lot of different factors, but leading up to your exercise, make sure you go into it very well hydrated."

Dehydration can make you feel horrible, even like you have the flu. It can also contribute to heat related illnesses.

Maggie says, the best advice is not to wait until you feel thirsty to drink, "By the time you feel thirst, you are actually beyond where you should be, replacing your fluids. So, once you are feeling that excessive thirst, you are already, actually kind of in trouble."

And, as for drinks sports drinks, like Gatorade, "Low-sugar sports drinks are important for replacing lost electrolytes, and you should have a few ounces for every 45 minutes to an hour of your workout. "

By the way, you can still register for both the Crim and the Crim Training Program. Just follow this link.

Stay healthy- and hydrated, for Pete's sake

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