Wedding dress designer closes doors, leaves brides without gowns

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CLIO, Mich. -- Summer and fall are the two most popular season for weddings, especially in Michigan. However, many soon-to-be brides have been left scrambling to find a dress with the sudden closing of Alfred Angelo, a popular dress company in the bridal industry.

"Actually a bride called us and was like hey what's going on," says Lauren Putman, the bridal manger at Perfect Fit Bridal in Clio.

Alfred Angelo had been in business for 83 years, supplying everything from bridal gowns to bridesmaid, mother-of-the-bride and even flower girl dresses.

"They were well respected," says Kim Grant, the store manager from Sempliner's Bride & Formal in Bay City. "One of the top companies, number one seller in the store here. The idea that this happened to a company of that magnitude is really eye opening."

So what's a bride to do when she realizes her dream dress is no longer a reality?

"We won't have anyone go without a dress," says Grant. "That's not going to happen."

Local boutiques like Sempliner's and Perfect Fit have already reached out to many heartbroken brides.

"All of our manufactures are doing free shipping, free rushes," says Grant. "They're doing it at no additional cost and a rush can be $25 to $50 a dress. So that's helping a lot."

"We got really lucky," says Putman. "We didn't have to give anybody really bad news that we couldn't get anything for them. We had a couple brides that came in and wanted to change dresses but we had no problem with that."

A national bridal sale has even been extended to help these ladies walk down the aisle in the dress of their dreams.

"We have 730 stores participating coast to coast and in Canada," says Sue Maslowski, the chair of the National Bridal Sale Event. "Maybe it's not the dress they had planned but sometimes it's a dress they might like more."

For those brides without a dress, there may be hope for getting your money back as well. In addition to calling the bridal salon, store owners advise calling your credit card company to see if they will offer some compensation.

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