Local organization needs help restoring Veterans Memorial in Flint

Photos of Mcfarlan Veteran's Memorial Park. ( Photo: Friends of Mcfarlan Facebook)

Flint, Mich-- Back in May, Flint's Mcfarlan Memorial Park was vandalized with a strange name written on 18 out of 19 of its panels.

Along with being defaced, after more than forty years, the memorial is suffering from cracks, erosion and general wear and tear.

Friends of Mcfarlan Park are kicking off fundraising efforts to make sure this important memorial is brought back to life.

"It will cost $250,000 to fully restore this memorial. It's worth it because this is the only memorial in the county that honors all soldiers from these different wars," said Friends of Mcfarlan Park President, Jim Mishler.

Along with fixing what's broken, the group would like to see more flags and landscaping around the memorial.

They have set up a Go Fund Me account where you can go to help with their goal.

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