Local domestic violence survivor with autism uses karate to cope

A local karate student at PKSA in Grand Blanc rises above domestic violence through martial arts classes. ( Photo: Courtney Wheaton)

Grand Blanc, Mich-- We can't show you her face or tell you her name because her abuser is behind bars and could be watching.

We can tell you that a local 25-year-old with autism has overcome may obstacles to become the woman she is today.

At 13 years-old, the survivor's mother says she dealt with domestic violence at the hands of her stepfather who verbally and sexually abused her.

"You never would've expected it at all. He came off as a completely different person," said her mother.

Four years ago her mother signed her up for classes at PKSA Karate in Grand Blanc in hopes of building her daughter's confidence under the supervision of the owner, Kim-Miller.

"Her mom had told me of her struggles and I decided it was going to be me that was going to empower this young woman and help her face life," said Miller.

Since starting classes she's done a 360.

" She's definitely more confident, she doesn't have to be a victim anymore." said her mother.

The young lady has just completed the steps to get her black belt.

She no longer sees herself as a victim, but a survivor with a bright future ahead of her.

"I've always had the belief and I've stuck to that," she said.

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