Help with big decision about bariatric surgery

It is a big decision that nearly a quarter of a million people make every year- bariatric surgery. Weight loss surgery brings quick results, but there is nothing easy about it. That is why St. Mary's in Saginaw is working to ensure patients get moral support, before, during and after surgery.


"I thought my health wasn't that bad, but really, in reality, it was," says Carmen Mora.

A life-long battle with her weight threatened Carmen's health and happiness, "A lifetime of dieting and trying various programs that were good for me at the time but ended up not being what i needed long-term."

A year and a half ago, after a lot of research, Carmen decided to have bariatric surgery and, she says, it worked, "I've lost 120 pounds."

Weight loss comes more quickly with bariatric surgeries. In simple terms, most procedures reduce stomach size, making it nearly impossible to over-eat. But, Carmen says, there is nothing simple about the process, "It's not easy. it's different. it's different than anything you've ever done before with any other diet or nutritional eating."

Lisa Guyton manages St Mary's bariatric program. She tells me, it is not a decision anyone should take lightly, "The weight loss does happen fast, but it's through surgery, then it's lifestyle change. It's not gonna happen overnight. You have to invest, and you have to make lifestyle changes- permanent lifestyle changes."

From making the decision to making those lasting changes, Guyton has been a big part of Carmen's support system- even getting her involved in a retreat with other would0-be and former patients.

"I was in a room full of poeple that had similar issues, similiar situation, similar history that I could identifity with," Carmen says.

Guyton, who has also had bariatric surgery, and lost over 100 pounds, knows just how critical interaction with otheres who've been through the process truly is, that is. She says many people, facing this option feel very alone, "This lets you know you're not, and it's going to be okay- and that you didn't fail and that we've got something that is going to help you at St. Mary's. "

St. Mary's reclaim your health retreat is this weekend at The Horizons Conference Center in Saginaw. You can still sign up by visiting St. Mary's Bariatric Program's website, here. To learn more about bariatric surgery and the program, click here.

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