Flint CANUSA games kick-off with opening ceremonies

Crews are setting up for opening ceremonies of the 60th annual CANUSA Games. (Photo"

Flint, Michigan --This is history 60 years in the making for Flint and Hamilton, Ontario. The 60th Annual CANUSA games will start with an opening ceremony just after noon on Friday at Flint Northwestern High School.

The ceremony includes a torch run, presentation of the Friendship Trophy and a parade of athletes. The games started back in 1958 when Flint Olympian officials were looking for another competition for their Olympic winners to compete in. They ended up contacting the Michigan Amateur Athletic Union that in turn reached out to Canada's AAU program.

At the time Hamilton, Ontario and Flint were around the same size and that's how the competition was born.

Currently the games have about 350 athletes participating in more than a dozen sports, but organizers say there's a lot more to it.

"The Canadian families actually get to stay in Flint homes and learn about our culture and area. This means the world to our community," said Co-Chair, Sean Croudy.

The first official games will start around 4 on Friday. Some of the sports include baseball, basketball and ice hockey.

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