Breaking down the ballot for Flint residents in August Primary Election

Flint City Hall is one of the polling locations for the August 8th Primary.

Flint, Mich-- Voters in Flint will be voting on two important issues on August 8th. The first, who will run for City Council in November. Flint City Council wards 2, 3, 6, 7, 8 and 9 are all up for vote in the primaries.

Back in June several of candidate participated in the NAACP's Candidates Forum. Residents will also vote on the Flint Charter Adoption Proposal. The new version of the charter includes stronger ethics standards, requirements to create a water bill assistance plan and the hiring of an ombudsman to oversee city dealings.

"If you want an ombudsman then vote for the changes, if not vote then other way, but I do know that the commission worked for more than a year and half making these changes," said Genesee County Clerk, John Gleason.

Gleason says he only expects about 10 percent of voters to come out to the polls.

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