A day in the life: Showing appreciation to our first responders

Courtney and Shawn spent the day with Fire and EMS crews to find out what life would be like as first responders. (Photo: Courtney Wheaton)

Buena Vista, Mich-- On Tuesday, Sky Zone Saginaw offered first responders and their families a free one hour jump to show their appreciation.

To demonstrate just how difficult a day on the job might be, NBC 25's Courtney Wheaton spent the day with fire and EMS crews to find out.

She started at the Buena Vista Fire Department where she had to perform agility tests, operate the bucket and even fire the hose.

"It's a lot of hard work and time away from family, but just knowing you are helping your community means the world to us," said Buena Vista Firefighter BJ Weaver.

Next, she headed out the Mobile Medical Response where she was strapped to a gurney and taught how EMS crews can save lives before they even reach the hospital.

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