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Tips on picking your wedding flowers

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On your wedding day, flowers can bring both life and color to your event. However, there are a few tips and tricks you should know when picking your flowers.

Know Your Budget

First, be prepared before you meet with your florist. Knowing your budget is a key point to start with. This will affect the flowers and designs for your big day. Craig Steltzriede, owner of Hank’s Flowerland in Saginaw says “If you are honest with your florist about your budget, we can recommend the flowers that will allow you to get the most bang for your buck”.

Know Your Style

It also helps for you to do some research and find inspiration. Know what you like going into your meeting so that your florist can get a feel for what you’d like to accomplish with your floral designs from the start. “At Hank’s Flowerland, we like our brides to come in with ideas. We see magazine clippings and Pinterest ideas all of the time,” Craig said. “We do also encourage our brides to keep an open mind and remain flexible. Their ideas should be the inspiration and they should allow their florist to make suggestions to customize the ideas for their event, budget and personal style.” So, know what you like, but don’t be so locked in on something you see in a photo that you miss out on other options.

Take a Chance

Don’t be afraid to step outside of the box and away from tradition. Your florist can help you make a statement with your flowers. The newest trends have brides incorporating items other than fresh flowers into their bouquets, such as lace, dried flowers and foliage, antique jewelry, especially broaches, and personal mementos. Bring your ideas to your florist and let them tell you what they can do.

Also, don’t assume that you must “match” your color scheme. You may have a wedding done in pinks and a white, but you may find that a deep burgundy in your flowers makes the flowers stand out, or accents the dresses perfectly. Let your florist know your theme, but also let them know that you are open to their suggestions and ideas.

Know Your Venue

Your venue should be taken into consideration when planning your floral arrangements. If your church or hall has a color scheme in place already, you should take it into consideration to avoid clashing colors. Also, if your venue has very classic architecture or décor, it should be complimented with your floral designs, instead of having contrasting styles. If you can, bring photos of your venues to the meeting with your florist. Craig said that his design team at Hank’s Flowerland know many of the local venues, but there are always new locations popping up that they may be unfamiliar with. “A few photos of the hall or church can inspire new ideas and suggestions. We may be planning for large floral arrangements when a few smaller ones would fit the space better. If we have images to work from, we can further custom design a floral plan for you that is just right for your needs.”

Know Your Party

While it is your big day, you should ask your bridal party about any allergies. The last thing you want is a bridesmaid with a sneezing fit or a groomsman to start wheezing. Ask about allergies and then let your florist know so they can plan accordingly.

Be Flexible

This may be the Big Day that you’ve been planning for all your life, but you are working with professionals who know the ins and outs of floral arrangements. Trust them to guide you when planning for your bouquets and floral décor. You may start with your heart set on peonies in your arrangements and be unaware that they are out of season, or out of your budget when a garden rose can have the same effect and save you money. “We want to be a resource for our brides. We’ve been in business for 45 years and have assisted too many brides to count with their wedding plans,” said Craig. “We love a bride that comes in for a consultation with ideas, but also with an open mind. This is our passion and we want to take on the responsibility of the wedding flowers off the bride’s shoulders so that she can focus on other areas of her wedding.” Hank’s Flowerland offers a free initial consultation and on the second free consultation, Craig says that his team prepares samples of what you discussed so that you can make a more informed decision.

Hank’s Flowerland is located at 4555 N. Michigan Avenue in Saginaw. For a free bridal consultation, call (989) 754-7481.