Volunteers help Make An Impact for kids at Flint's historical Berston Field House

NBC25 & FOX66 anchor Bill Harris is one of nearly 200 volunteers who worked on building a playground behind the Berstein Field House in Flint. The project was a collaborative effort that will bring a new play area to children in the neighborhood. (MORE VIDEO CLIPS BELOW)

Volunteers from all walks of life came together Friday morning to help improve the lives of children in one Flint neighborhood.

"If you don't give kids a place to be constructive, they will find ways to be destructive," says Berston Field House director, Bryant Nolden.

"This tells the kids in the area that they matter."

Berston Field House is already a recreational hub for area kids. It is where two time Olympic Gold medalist Claressa Shields trained for women's boxing.

Flint native and Make An Impact Foundation founder Dale Gilmore got the ball rolling about 6-months ago after reaching out to Nolden and United Way of Genesee County.

"Hitting that 40-year-old mark and what's life all about, taking care of where you came from is part of why I wanted to help," says Gilmore.

"It feels like a movement. There's a ton of hope and opportunity in Flint."

Organizations involved include:

KaBOOM, United Way of Genesee County, Make An Impact Foundation, Keep Genesee County Beautiful, NBC25 & FOX66.

"All of the things that we've been going through, the ill effects from the Flint Water Crisis, this is saying that the people of Flint matter," says Nolden.

Gilmore says this is not a one-time deal. Other projects will follow.

"We're going to have some shovel ready projects for next year and we're going to have a call out to people who are from Flint but don't live in Flint to come back home and visit and make an impact. We don't have a year set yet but I'm already thinking of ways of reaching out to them and making an impact next year," says Gilmore.

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