Healthy Home: Pump It Up!


This Healthy Home report is sponsored by Holland Heating and Cooling.

Here’s a convenient item and sometimes a necessity to have if you have a humidifier, central air or a high efficiency furnace. If you’re tired of tripping over condensation plumbing lines that drag all across the floor to find a floor drain or a sump pump, you may want one of these instead.

This is exactly what you’d think we’d call it… a condensate pump. This inexpensive little item will eliminate those potential toes stubbers and hip breakers by attaching directly to your furnace.

The moisture your furnace, humidifier or even your central air puts out, now will run down the tube into this pump. The pump acts like a miniature sump pump. When the pump fills with water, it raises a float device inside the unit and when the float reaches the set switch, the pump turns on and let’s out the water.

You can pump it over-head to a laundry tub, a sump pump, or even right back outside to evaporate. Pumping outside is not recommended for furnaces and humidifiers. The lines could freeze and cause damage to your equipment.

I’ve even seen some creative people use this to drain a basement dehumidifier and eliminate the hassle of emptying that darn pan all summer long.

Using a condensate pump can keep your floors clear, your basement dry and make your home a little bit safer place to wander around.

For more healthy home tips and videos, tune in next time. Working to keep your home healthy and safe, I’m Jeff Lee

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