Healthy Home: Missing insulation and air leaks

This Healthy Home report is sponsored by Holland Heating and Cooling.

You know, you can have the very best heating and cooling equipment that money can buy, and still have a home that feels drafty and uncomfortable. Today I’d like to talk about our homes insulation and air leakage.

Now, just short of tearing up your walls, we cant really see what type of insulation the builders put in there to keep us warm but our attics on the other hand, that’s very easy. To give you a better idea of what lurks behind your walls, what we could really use is an infra red camera like the one I have here.

This camera is an add on accessory for any android or apple smart phone. You simple go to the play store or app store on your phone, download the free app and then plug the camera into your phone port.

As we point the camera at the walls and around our house, we begin to see the infra red color formations. Red being warm and gradiating down to the blue and darker colors as being cold.

Now, if you have an ongoing need for a camera like this, the costs range anywhere from $200 on up or if you’d just like to get a good assessment of your homes ability to retain your heating and cooling from insulation, call your local heating professional who has an infra red camera and find your home’s problem areas so you can save money on your utility bills and stay more comfortable all year long.