Saginaw YMCA needs donations to fill the bus to support local military families

Organizers plan to fill this bus with donations for a local food pantry. ( Photo: Courtney Wheaton.)

Saginaw, Mich -- The Saginaw YMCA is partnering with the "Support the 1 % Food Pantry" to collect donations for local military members and veterans in Saginaw and surrounding counties.

The pantry is almost completely run and operated by veterans and active duty military members.

"We volunteer for those who volunteered to serve their country. Many of our veterans have fell on hard times and we want to be there to help them," said Pantry President, Corey Waiters.

Some of the items needed include toiletries, canned food and other non-perishable items. The items can be dropped of at the Saginaw "Y" on Fordney Street starting on May 1st.

The drive will last a week and is part of the YMCA's Veteran Health Initiative.

Donations are also being accepted to send the children of military personnel to Camp Timber.

For more information on the Saginaw YMCA programs you can click here.